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Canada - Arrival Halifax

My first white christmas season, glorious.

rain -5 °C

I arrived on a rainy night into a snow covered halifax airport. I was surpised at how small it is. Its dark outside by now so I just need to find the bus into the city. Found it, now it's off to my hotel. I was pleasently surprised very nice place for such a reasonable price. A quick unpack before braving the cold. I head out to explore, camera in hand. Within 30 minutes the cold wind gets the better of me and I head back to the shelter of the hotel until morning. The next morning after calling friends and family back home on Skype I began exploring again wandering to the docks to take some photos; its a different place in the daylight. A light dusting of snow falls as I walk around.


Later that morning my girlfriend met up with me (she had been in Canada since 9/12/05 with her parents). After a wandering around Halifax checking out the shops we headed to her parents cottage in Chester. I got to meet her parents for the first time, all went well. We explored the area and visited her friends, going to a famous shipping area Lunenburg for lunch at an old style pub.
The Town of Lunenburg, in Nova Scotia, Canada, was formally established in 1753 as the first British Colonial settlement in Nova Scotia outside of Halifax. http://www.town.lunenburg.ns.ca/


The swiss airlines plane SR111 crashed at sea off Peggy's Cove September 2, 1998 and there is a memorial errected for this tragedy. http://www.airodyssey.net/articles/swr111.html. After viewing the memorial we continued into the fishing village and I braved it taking my coat off for this photo at the local light house (-15C).


We visited more relatives and friends of Liara's and local sights.
Packing up we began the four hour drive across the mountains to St John, New Brunswick. The snow lined the trees and it look more like a winter area which had not received it cold snap yet. On the way we detoured to see the Prince Edward Island bridge. The stop was well worth it. The ice formations were being battered against the bridge in the fast flowing water.

PEI Bridge.jpg

In St John we continued to eat lots of delicious food and meet more friends. The time rushed way to fast and before we knew it, it was time to venture on the next leg of our journey. We passed the ice fishermen on our way back to Halifax airport.


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Leaving Australia

Bags are packed and it's off to the airport

semi-overcast 25 °C

Christmas Day 2005 and it is time to board my first flight on my RTW trip. Check my passport, luggage lock and on to the flight counter for a long flight Melbourne to New York via LAX. I managed to watch a few movies before falling asleep for the night. A pretty peaceful flight overall and then a mad dash through LAX, I have 1 1/2 hours to make my connection to New York. Chistrmas day starts again as I now do it New York style. After a quick airtrain ride I am in downtown. I found the information counter girl quiet rude, I was lost in a big city with lots of trains to choose from. I finally decide to visit some of the shops after leaving Penn Station, liberty will have to wait for another visit. After an overnight stay at a local hotel it is back to the airport to head to Canada.

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Itinerary RTW trip

Christmas in NYC, New Years with Liara's Parents, meeting new friends

This was my first round the world trip and presented it share of logistics problems. Having our travel Rep Hayley at flight centre organise the matching tickets made life a lot easier but still ment lots of last minute changes. The difficult part was I had my ticket leaving from Melbourne but Liara's originated in London and flights had to be syncronised.

  • Dec 25 Melbourne - New York
  • Dec 26 New York - Halifax
  • Jan 8 Halifax - London
  • Jan 12 London - Prague
  • Jan 19 Prague - Helsinki - Rovanimi
  • Jan 26 Helsinki - Bangkok - Chaing Mai
  • Feb 4 Bangkok - Darwin - Melbourne

The itinery is in and it time to pack for this adventure. Choices, choices, what to pack; we have to cope witha temperature range -35C to +30C. So it shorts and light shirts for Thailand and everything warm we can lay our hands on without getting too bulky. Have to remember to leave space for presents for those back home and pack some gifts for Liara's family.

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